Established in 1980, as a Paint Shield & the Original Trim Guide manufacturer. Expanded & relocation in 1996 then we started to add the Internet sales from late 2002.

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Drywall Knock Down Knife

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Master Craft Manufacturing, Co.

9" Roller Cover
Master Craft carries variety of 9" roller frames & Roller Covers to use in regular paint jobs, or for epoxy, and adhesive applications.

9" Dyna-Wall Roller Covers
    Sizes:         Item:            Pack:
    9"x1/4"       DW-925      24
    9"x3/8"       DW-938      24
    9"x1/2"       DW-950      24
    9"x3/4"       DW-975      24
    9"x1"          DW-9100     24
    9"x1 1/4"    DW-9125    24
9" Lint Free Orlon Roller Covers
    Sizes:         Item:            Pack:
    9"x1/4"       OC-900      24
    9"x3/8"       OC-901      24
    9"x1/2"       OC-902      24

9" Roller Frame
    Sizes:         Item:            Pack:
    9"              RF-529         24

Anatomy of a Paint Roller
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