Established in 1980, as a Paint Shield & the Original Trim Guide manufacturer. Expanded & relocation in 1996 then we started to add the Internet sales from late 2002.

New Products:
Clip On Handle
Spray Shield Holder
Strainer Bag:
Sanding Abrasives:
Sanding Abrasive
Spray Shield:
Trim Guides:
Stainless Steel Blade
Plastic Blade
Window Trim Guide
Paint Trays:
Mini Roller Tray
Wallpaper Water Tray
Roller Covers:
18" Lint Free
18" Dyna-Wall
9" Lint Free
9" Dyna-Wall
Mini Rollers
Roller Frames:
18" Roller Frames
9" Roller Frame
Paint Can Sundries:
Bucket Grids
Metal Can Opener
Stretcher Spout
Top Choices :
9" & 12" Float
Hand & Pole Sanders
Rubber Sanding Block
Mud Pan
Chip Brushes
Plastic Putty Knife
DryWall Knock Down Knifes:
Drywall Knock Down Knife

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South El Monte, CA 91733

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Master Craft Manufacturing, Co.

Plastic Putty Knife
Master Craft manufacturing Solvent Resistant Flexible White Plastic Putty Knives, White Styrene Spreader, Corner Tool, Joint Knife, Patch Tool

Solvent Resistant Putty Knife.
    Sizes:         Item:            Pack:
     1 1/2"        1015            48
     2"              1020            48
     3"              1030            48
     4"              1040            48

Rigid Styrene Spreader and Tools
    Sizes:         Item:            Pack:
    3"              1350             48 V Notch Spreader
    3"              1355             48 D Notch Spreader
    3"              1359             48 Corner Tool
    6"              1360             48 Joint Knife

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